CCTV Video Networks

To thrive in the hypercompetitive global economy, companies have to deliver products and services, faster, bring innovation to market more quickly than ever -- and do it all with a smaller budget and fewer resourses.

  • The capture, display, storing, retrieving and analyzing of video over IP networks (Ethernet, Internet etc.)
  • The ability to view, zoom, pan, tilt and record live video from networked cameras anywhere.
  • The ability to view live or recorded video simultaneously from any number of locations.
  • The ability to use standard network infrastructure to offer radical scalability and flexibility.




Take command of your marketplace with innovative applications that make a difference. ARAE Application Development and Support creates custom video applications, providing full lifecycle support through delivery. Proven processes and methodologies ensure a consistant enviroment for seamless, predictable delivery worldwide, reducing your development costs through leveraged resources.

  • Retained and maximized existing investment
  • Estimated 75% saving over analog
  • "On demand" features without additional costs
  • Minimized resource & operational costs
  • Complete integrity of information & recording maintained
  • Protected employee safety
  • Scaleable solution which could be expanded over time
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